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How to Connect Round Dryer Hose to Oval Dryer Ducts

Brandon Kirk from Planet Duct hosting educational video about how to connect round dryer hoses to oval ducts with an adapter
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Educational Video Transcript 

Good morning, I’m Brandon with Planet Duct air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs. At Planet Duct, we often run into an issue with homes in Colorado Springs involving round dryer hoses and oval dryer ducts. Once we complete a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning each year, we need to attach the dryer hose back to the dryer duct. Instead of causing frustration and potentially damaging your dryer hose, there is an easy fix: an adapter.

Round to Oval Dryer Vent Adapter Installation 

In order to protect your investment and ease the process of cleaning your clothes dryer vent, simply visit your local hardware store and pick up a dryer vent adapter. It is a great tool that basically makes it so that you can take this adapter here and it go and you can connect it to the oval receptacle up behind your dryer.  Once attached, you take part of it and you place your dryer hose in here. It will screw right on your round dryer hose. Once it is connected in your wall, you can take the other piece and snap the components together. This way, you are able to connect your round dryer hose to an oval outlet without destroying your hose or filling your day with intense frustration.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning | Planet Duct 

At Planet Duct, we offer dryer vent cleaning as a valuable way to promote the safety of your home, protect your investment, and improve the life and efficiency of your clothes dryer. Our dryer vent cleaning service is available as an individual service and part of a bundle package with air duct cleaning. Contact our team of experienced, certified professionals today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning for your home or commercial building.