Why Do Air Duct Cleaners Need To Be Careful With Wires Inside Of Air Ducts?

Wire Inside Air Duct Cleaner Importance
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An air duct cleaning technician needs to be aware there are often wires inside of air ducts. While it is no longer allowed in current building codes, many older homes have wires that run through the ventilation system. It was a common practice by many home builders to run thermostat, humidistat and other wires through ducts and
ventilation trunk lines.

Some homeowners have also run cords and wires in the ducts for the sake of convenience. When drilling holes and operating pneumatic agitation tools, an air duct cleaning technician needs to look for wires to avoid damage and personal injury.

Often air duct cleaners with rotary brush systems have tangled up wires with their tools. This has resulted in thermostat wires and other wires being ripped out. When this happens, the thermostat wires must be replaced and rerouted from the furnace back to the thermostat. All this repair work will cost additional time and money plus inconvenience to the customer.  A homeowner will not be happy when their furnace is not working due to someone else’s carelessness.

If the wire was a coaxial TV cable, it could cause damage to a cable box or television on the other side of the house. Additionally, the cable wall outlet may be damaged along with drywall and paint. Ripping out a live electrical wire in a duct could also lead to a fire, electrocution and death.

A well-trained Ventilation Maintenance Technician (VMT) will look for wires in ducts, pannings and truck lines. A borescope or other camera can be helpful in observing wires and other
objects in the ventilation system. When wires are found, the technician can switch to a non-rotary tool that is less likely to become entangeled. This is also a good time to educate the homeowner about the presence of the wires since they may be unaware.

The main point is that we must recognize wires may be present in ventilation duct-work. Also, homeowners should be made aware that running wires through the ducts is not allowed in current building codes and should be avoided. Lastly, hiring a well-trained and insured professional duct cleaning company is a better option than hiring a coupon book amateur.

I hope this article explained why air duct cleaners need to be careful with wires inside of air ducts. If you have more questions, see our blog page.

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