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Are you searching for out-of-this-world results and amazing customer service? Look no further! Planet Duct is proud to serve the Monument, CO area with a verity of diverse homes and businesses. We provide these businesses with out of this world air duct cleaning. 

Planet Duct invests in the latest and greatest technology in order to provide our galactic results for your home or business. Our air duct cleaning trucks are capable of pulling  13,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow to clean your air ducts of dust, particles, and allergens. Additionally, we are NADCA certified and strive to go over-and-beyond the industry standards to ensure that all of our customers are getting the very best service. We love serving the Monument residents by advancing our quality indoor air services for homeowners and business owners alike.

Our Duct Cleaning Services in Monument, CO


Cleaning your home of the hidden dust and debris is always a good idea, especially if you or your family has allergies, respiratory issues, or asthma. The built-up debris in your vents is spread throughout your home which can cause symptoms such as coughing, throat, ear and eye irritation, headaches, congestion, and more. Planet Ducts advanced air-tight vacuums are “stronger than the vacuum of space” allowing you to clean your air ducts resulting in a cleaner, safer, and healthier home environment. 


Commercial air duct cleaning provides fresh air free of debris and dust to breathe at your place of business. By cleaning your air ducts you can prevent serious health problems for employees and customers with existing allergies, respiratory issues, or asthma.  In addition to health reasons cleaning your business’ vents can also reduce utility costs by 20%, due to built-up debris that can disturb the airflow. Planet Duct recommends yearly cleanings, in order to mitigate these issues. 

OUR OTHER Services

Having a clogged dryer vent or A/C coil system can affect the safety of your home or business, in some cases, a clogged dryer vent can result in an unexpected fire. In addition to fire danger, a neglected and dirty dryer vent has an impact on your electricity bill. However, cleaning your coiling and dryers can prevent these dangerous situations. Planet Duct also provides odor removal services and anti-microbial treatments for homes and businesses in addition to our air duct cleaning services. 


Planet Duct serves the 80132 area providing  all of Monuments great residents with fantastic results, our cutting-edge technology, and a NADCA certified staff. Below we have a list of neighborhoods and the surrounding regions we currently serve in Monument. If your neighborhood or are is not listed below please feel free to contact us it is likely we serve your region and would be happy to give you an estimate.



Since Planet Duct has a reputation of being the best air duct cleaner in Monument, CO we continue to improve and grow as we provided our cutting-edge technology, superb customer service, and expertise in the air duct cleaning. Our stronger than the vacuum of space air duct trucks, can handle any job big or small no matter the size of dust collection, debris, or allergens. In addition to providing superior services and customer service we are a NADCA certified company which allows us to provide home and business owners with peace of mind, by abiding by industry ethical guidelines.If you live in the beautiful hills of Monument Colorado and are in need of air duct cleaning, odor removal, or dryer vent cleaning, contact us for a free quote today by clicking below.

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Planet Duct lives at the base of the Rocky Mountains. We hail from the homeland of Colorado Springs, although our teams and duct trucks serve all of Monument, CO. If you have any questions regarding your air ducts, we would love to help you. Planet Duct’s friendly and NADCA certified staff is excited to assist you with all things air duct cleaning, including dryer duct cleaning A/C coiling cleaning, and odor / anti-microbial removal. 

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