Air Duct Cleaning Education

Brandon Kirk from planet duct in Colorado Springs holding a tool to clean dryer vents

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

While many people know the importance of cleaning out your dryer lint trap between every laundry cycle, not everyone know how vital it is to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned. The National Fire Protection Agency released that thousands of

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Air Duct Full of Dirt Debris and Grime

When Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Having your air ducts cleaned is an investment in your ventilation system and your indoor air quality. Naturally, any investment that is improving your quality of air and overall lifestyle will come at a cost. How much money you spend

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Large Pule of Dirt Trash Debris From Inside Of Air Ducts

What Is In My Air Ducts?

When our experienced team members finish cleaning residential air ducts, we are often asked what was in the ducts. Sometimes, we will just find dust and pet hair. Other times, we find much worse. Many homes have never had the

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