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Stronger Than The Vacuum of Space

Tired of Dusting Constantly? Let us Clean the Air

Brandon Kirk from Planet Duct hosting an educational video about utilizing air duct cleaning to remove dust from your home.
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Life is busy, so spending time dusting your home over and over again can be a pretty big hassle. If you find yourself repeatedly dusting the same areas and feel as if the dust will never disappear, then it may be a sign that your home is in need of a professional air duct cleaning.

Educational Video Transcription

Hey everybody, it’s Brandon over at Planet Duct air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs. In this post, I want to educate neighbors throughout Colorado Springs about how professional air duct cleaning can significantly lessen the amount of dust floating around your home. 

Signs Air Ducts Are Causing A Dusty Home 

  • Constant need to replace air filters
  • Air registers are full of dust, dirt, and debris
  • Impact of dusting doesn’t last long

Clean Air Ducts Mean Less Dust | Planet Duct 

At Planet Duct, we want to improve your indoor air quality. One of the amazing impacts of professional air duct cleaning is that there is less dust in your home once we are finished. By removing the dirt and debris that naturally collects in ductwork, there is much less dust circulating through your home. We will utilize our state of the art portable hypervac or powerful vacuum truck depending on the size of your home or commercial building. Reach out to any of our certified team members and get your free estimate today.